Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

From my body, I could show you a place God knows, you should know the space is holy...

Tonight was so super good and a damn-near perfect way to end my trip up here. While it saddens me to leave, dinner was SO good, thanks to TGIFriday's and my 10 lovely friends who were able to make it (Bridgette, Candace, Jason, Eric, Patty, Caitlin, Becca, Nikki, Allie, and Chazz, in seating order). After, all but Caitlin, Bridgette and Becca went back to Allie's to hang out, chat, play some cards.

It was chill, the way I like it, and oh-so comfortable. My mind reels from the love I have for those people. It's so hard to leave all of that for Florida, but I miss family too. And (hopefully) they miss me too.

So yay for goodness. And yay for leaving on a high note. Tomorrow, I'll be doing some laundry and packing before heading down to Mattoon, IL to visit Fayanne and Brad for the weekend. Then Monday I'll drive back to the Sunshine State.
Tags: friends, vacation

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