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I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green...

So a bunch of random:
- Dear Franks is so good. SO greasy, but lovely nonetheless. (The company was good, too...yay for Molly and Johnson).
- Is it considered "contributing to the delinquency of a minor" if you buy alcohol for someone over 18, but under 21?
- I Facebook messaged Lela (an old amiga from Indiana) and we might have plans next week.
- The key to my brother's house didn't work, so I had to call the house phone and get him out of bed at midnight. I feel REALLY bad, but at least he doesn't have work in the morning. :-(
- I'm super excited about tomorrow's After Party. So many people and so much alcohol. (But the lack of Patty, Zoe, and Laura is making me so sad.)
- People keep telling me to just stay the summer. I wish it didn't sound so tempting.
- It has also been suggested that I transfer to ISU in the fall (but that's just Eric being selfish).
- My mom's constant updates about the progress of the Panera in Spring Hill have elicited amusement from many of my friends.
- I couldn't figure out how to connect to my brother's wireless network (stupid Time Warner Cable/Road Runner), but he has a neighbor with an unprotected connection, so it's all good.
- Ocean's 13 is so good, it more than makes up for weak third installments of Shrek and Pirates. Thank god...
- My niece is adorable.
- Kelly's album should just come out already.

Things here are so good, I can't even explain.

That is all. Night!
Tags: random, vacation

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