Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

-Now, they tell me I paid my debt to society. -Funny, I never got a check.

I am in Wisconsin and it is good. I have my own room. With a bed. And a bathroom to myself...with a shower! There is no sharing of anything. No floors or couches to crash on. It is lovely.

The only downside? It's 36 miles (50 minutes) from Deerfield. And 51 miles (1 hour, 10 minutes) from Evanston...which was a trek I made last night...though I drove ridiculously fast and got up here in an hour.

But. I'm still in the greater Chicagoland area (well...more Milwaukee, but whatever). And today I'm seeing Ocean's 13 with Candace. Later, we'll be having dinner at Dear Franks with Molly. Lovely. Tomorrow is Do Crew Day...not sure how much of the actual activity I will do, but I'll most definitely be at Bridgette's after party. Sunday might be a breakfast/lunch with family, and then Nikki's brother's graduation party. Later that night, I might be watching the Tonys with Candace. Next week is still open, but it will have lots of friend time before I leave on Friday the 15th.

Oh, and NPH is filling in for Regis on Regis & Kelly today. I'm loving it. He's so cute and really good at the morning talk show thing (aka...he's camping it up!).

I heart Neil Patrick Harris.

Also, does anyone else not care at all about Paris Hilton and whether or not she's in jail? Seriously? Get over it.
Tags: movies, nph, tv, vacation

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