Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

I need to be with myself and center of clarity, peace, serenity...

Tonight went from mediocre to really, really good.

It started with Tommy's musical, which was decent, though it needs a lot of work. I kinda want to play with it, and edit the script and make suggestions and essentially stage it myself and see how it comes out. That's not going to happen, but I'm interested to see if Tommy can get me a copy of the book and if he's interested in my ideas for improvement.

After the show, however, I was feeling kinda blah and anti-social and I wanted to talk to people and mingle, but I didn't have the energy or drive. I felt off. I hate that.

So I called Zoe. And we talked for over an hour (as per usual), and it made me feel 110% better. I was feeling jittery and anxious and very much "on-edge." But I was able to get some stuff off my chest, and we were just able to chat about our usual nonsense that always makes everything happy and that I had missed so dearly in the 9 days since last we spoke.

After the phone call, Candace and I chatted for another couple hours about school and theater and film and Tommy's musical and foreign languages and life and it was all really good.

So now, content with 3+ hours of excellent conversation, I shall sleep and think more about the things I would do to Tommy's musical, if it were my intellectually property.
Tags: vacation

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