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Everything was so damn simple, now I'm losing my head...


So I'm sitting in Panera, being utterly unproductive, and not accomplishing the semi-simple tasks that I should be. Because I don't know what I should do. With anything, anymore.

Coming in, I was going to check my email (47 messages, no less), book a hotel room for tomorrow night, and find a flight back in town for Do Crew Day. All relatively quickly so I can call Caitlin and make plans before dinner tonight (6:30 at Bennigans, for those in the area who might check this thing in the next 4 hours).

But then I started having a crisis of conscience (okay, maybe that's a bit melodramatic), but flights are expensive and I don't have enough flyer miles for a free ticket...or even a nicely discounted one. And then Eric sent out a post about Tommy and Danny's musical that happens to be June 6th, which I would most certainly like to catch. So I'd be coming in even earlier. But I wouldn't have a car. And I would probably be in Evanston with Candace? So shouldn't I just stay in town...because that's only a week away. And what's the point of spending two days driving back to Florida, just to fly back here?

Not to mention that I'm a TERRIBLE person, and despite being in the state for two weeks now, I haven't gone up to see my brother, sister-in-law and niece. Fuck, I'm lame.

So all signs point to staying. Except that I have no place to stay. Which sucks. And I really have to decide, because I was planning on leaving in 16 hours.

I want my house in Deerfield back. This would be such a non-issue.
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