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There’s still a little bit of your song in my ear...


I'm in Deerfield. It's lovely. It's been good to see people. I miss it all so terribly.

It hit me last night, when I was at Theater Night, that I really don't have a home here anymore. Even after the parents sold the house two and a half years ago, I still had a ton of friends around and I had DHS and the theater to visit, which for most of high school was my home. But now that's gone. There's no one left in the program who I know and Eric's leaving, so there's no real reason to visit. Additionally, so many people are leaving the area to live everywhere from California to Connecticut that I'm not sure when I'll see anyone anymore and I seem to have lost any sense of "home base." I may be stuck in Florida for an indeterminate amount of time.

It is for this reason, and others, that I have decided to extend my vacation. I'll now be in Deerfield until at least May 27th (I was originally going to leave Monday, May 21st). This will allow me to see people whom I would have missed otherwise. Also, I've only seen 4 movies thus far (not nearly the one per day I had been hoping), so I'll have more time to get those in. Moreover, Zoe's birthday is next Thursday, so I'll be here for that, and I'll be able to see Pirates here with folks. (Sorry Chris...)

Also, I may be either extending my trip or returning via airplane for Do Crew Day on June 8th. I figure it will be a good time to see people that I haven't yet seen, and apparently the after party is going to be legendary.

I wish I still belonged here, but more and more, I'm feeling like a stranger.

I'll try to post more cheerfully (and coherently) later. I really am having a good time...I'm just in a shaky mood. Internet is severely limited, but Paneras are frequent up here in the suburbs and they offer free wireless internet (unlike stupid Starbucks). If any of you need to reach me, though, your best bet is to call or text.
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