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-I have to go home. -You are home.

Greetings from the sticks! (Whereas "The Sticks" is rural Tennessee along Interstate 24, north of Nashville.)

I'm checked into my Holiday Inn Express for the night (which happens to have free wireless internet...awesome). I'll be heading out after this post to have an early dinner...I spy a McDonald's, Taco Bell, and KFC from my hotel, so I'd put bets on one of those fine establishments.

My only other plan for tonight is to catch "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters" (in Central time...YES!) and get to bed at a reasonable hour. I'll probably wake up around 5:15 tomorrow morning and hit the road again by 6 (this morning I got up at I like the idea of "sleeping in").

My drive today was mostly uneventful. Or rather...the last 2/3rds was.

If you've been watching the news, you've heard about wildfires in southern Georgia and northern Florida...and they happen to be blazing in the area where Interstate 75 runs. That was supposed to be my route, but dense smoke shut down miles and miles on I-75, from Gainesville to I-10 (which was also shut down). I bailed several miles south of Gainesville (in Ocala) and the smoke was so dense, it was like being in a blizzard. Everything was just a dark white and visibility was probably at 20-50 ft. most of the time. It was crazy. The only upside? There was no snow or rain to muck things up.

Even so, I had to take alternates routes (US 27 to US 19 to Georgia Rt. 300 back to I-75), which added about an hour to my trip. But it was much less smoky and much safer. After that, things were lovely.

Alright, dinner and a night in. I'm more excited than I should be.
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