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I saw him wreck a 100,000 dollar boat because he liked the splash.

Alright, so I'm WAY in withdrawal.

It has been 17 days since I saw my last movie in a theater (Avenue Montaigne at the Enzian in Maitland, FL). That's two and a half weeks!

Seriously? I'm *this close* to seeing Spider-Man 3, just to see something.

I think my biggest problem is location. Now that I'm in Spring Hill for the summer, my local cinema is a crappy 8-screen theater that caters to the 13-17 and over 55 crowds (horror/suspense, family, bad comedies). If I drive a half hour, I get to a Regal (I love Regal Cinemas), but it's a bad, old Regal.

I got uber spoiled at school with two lovely, new 20+ screen Regals, plus an indie, cafe theater within a 20 mile radius. And worse yet, if I were back home in Deerfield (where I belong), I'd have the Landmark Theater in Highland Park, and a Regal that caters to a high-class, indie-loving crowd.

What is keeping my spirits high?

I get to go back home next week!!!!

And thanks to the lovely Caitlin, I will be a mere 5.5 miles from the Landmark Theater where I will be seeing as many (if not all) of the following:
- Away From Her
- The Valet
- Black Book
- After the Wedding
- The Lives of Others

I may also catch Georgia Rule and The Ex...just 'cause. I have a week...and that's only a movie per day. Piece of cake.

And by the time I get back to Po-dunk, Florida, Shrek the Third will be out, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will be on the horizon (oh, but not soon enough!)!


By the way...those of you in the Deerfield area next week should feel free to join me for any or all of those viewings. I's expensive ($4.50-$9.25 depending on location and time), but this is the only thing I spend money on.

In other good news, my text messaging has been fixed! And my plan was upped so now I get 450 minutes a month...and they rollover!

It's a good day, y'all.
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