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"Yeah, but I've been down here before, and I know the way out."

School's out for summer, dudes.


I finished and turned in my final paper (Film History II). I tried to pick up my Italian Renaissance Paper (and grade), but my professor wasn't there. Oh well, I tried. I did email him for my grade. I don't think he was writing comments on them anyway...he graded two and handed them back in the half-hour we were taking the final exam.

Then, I emailed my Writing for Film/TV professor to see when she wanted us to pick up our script (which should have comments and notes).

Productive, n'est pas?

I also called Stephanie from the Park District to tell her I won't be coming back for the summer. It was hard and made me feel yucky and I actually got a little choked up. Blaaaaah times twelve.

But I'm unwinding by watching "Ellen" (Simon Cowell is on, yay!) and "Xena" (with guest start Selma Blair, crazy).

For the rest of tonight, I'll be deciding what to take to Spring Hill for the summer, and what will stay in my apartment. I'm not sure yet if I'll be living in Orlando or Spring Hill...I have no job, no prospects, no nothing. Oy. Yucky times two. But I'll have plenty of time to catch up on movies and books and writing. Maybe start working on my senior research project.

Oh, and I'm thinking about driving up to the greater Chicagoland area around May 10th and staying until around May 20th, when I'd then drive back to Florida. If only I had a place to stay. I guess it will be Salem, WI?
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