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We have in effect put all our rotten eggs in one basket...we intend to watch this basket carefully.

Why is Steve McQueen always trying to escape from prison?

And why is he always so cool about it?

I kind of resent him for that. I mean...The Great Escape? There's Richard Attenborough, nicely organizing things and keeping everyone together, and James Garner, working hard to keep everything running smoothly. And then there's Steve, being all rogue and bouncing his tennis ball around the solitary confinement, looking like it's no big deal. Not a very good team player, if you ask me.

And really? Why would you put the best escape artists all in the same prison? That's just dumb. I realize it's based on a true story, so I think it further goes to show that the Nazis were very dumb.

To be fair, Steve does lose his cool a bit in Papillion, but I firmly believe it's because he doesn't have a tennis ball. And he bounces back awfully quickly for having been "dying."

Eh, I've got work to do.
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