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-I made waffles. Eat them while they're hot. -Will you marry me? -They're just toaster waffles.

A list of things I love about Desperate Housewives:
- Carlos and Edie shacking up (in secret, of course)
- Everything about Gabby (especially the trampy stuff)
- Lynette and her new chef, Rick (and the tension between them)
- Mike Delfino. Period.
- Susan and her slapstick way of making everything into a huge deal
- Andrew, though he's been nearly nonexistent while Bree's been gone

Things I dislike:
- Ian. I adore Dougray Scott, but he's coming between Susan and Mike!
- The lack of Marcia Cross. I know, I know...she just had twins, but I miss Bree!
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