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Last weekend, I watched A Lot Like Love, and last night I caught part of Something's Gotta Give, and both made me realize how much I miss "Studio 60," if just for that lovely, weekly Amanda Peet fix.

Today, I've watched two foreign films that were interesting, but dull, and I resented them for the mere fact that I detest the paper I must write on them. Blah.

I'm so close to summer and this paper is SO annoying.

On the upside, in my slacking between watching the movies and actually writing the paper, I did a whole lot of laundry (three loads of clothes and a load of sheets and towels), did dishes, vacuumed my room, put away all my notebooks and textbooks from this year away in my closet so they no longer clutter my floor, Swiffered and lint rolled things that have collected a shitload of my hair (I shed a lot), and cleaned the sink and toilet.

This leads to my next point...

I want a maid. I want someone to clean for me. Do my laundry and dishes. Clean sinks and toilets. Vacuum.

Seriously? The first thing I'm going to do when I'm rich is hire a maid.

Oh, and a chef! I live on fast food and microwavable dishes like flavored rice and soup. It would be nice to have someone to make me lovely and exotic dishes.

Better yet, a combination maid and chef. Preferably someone really, really hot. OH! Even better...I find myself someone to date who I can coerce into cooking and cleaning! That way, it would all be free, and I'd get sex out of the deal!

I'm so smart. Now...I must find that perfect someone who likes to cook and clean.

Dinner (I'm thinking Arby's), then maybe pounding out the beginning of that paper. Or watching the third movie. Something paper related so I can stop feeling like a slacker.


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Jun. 8th, 2007 08:31 pm (UTC)
Hi Gail

You are really smart. Your plan to find someone who would clean and cook for you is an excellent plan.

I guess I am not perfect or hot but I like to clean and cook for a lady. I am willing to be your (male) maid and do all your housework. As your maid I would clean and vaccum your place, do your laundry and the dishes, clean and scrub the bathroom and the toilet, cook and serve you dinner, clean and polish your shoes and generally do your bidding.

If required I would even wear a maid's uniform with apron and cap and curtsy to you. ;-)

As I am servile and obedient you don't even need to coerce me into cleaning and cooking. I promise as your maid I will obey your every whim! ;-)

Have a nice day
Your maid-to-be
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