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My Italian Renaissance Art test is over!!

And I'm pretty sure it fucked me up the ass (in a bad way). The slide identification part was really good...I'd say I got 85-90% of those right. It was the rest that I'd just rather not think about.

Damn. A "C" in that class is going to bring down my GPA like none other.

However, it's over! So yay.

And better news? I just had my first really good advising session in my ENTIRE college career. Turns out, I already have a Cinema Studies minor!

This means, I don't have to take German Cinema or Women in Film next year. And I was already just taking American Cinema optionally. I might keep Women in Film (and, of course, American Cinema), but German Cinema is soooo out of there.

Oh, and to add to the greatness, I have a paper to due for Film History II on Monday, but I don't have the films from Netflix to watch until about 4pm...so I can't even start it until then. So I'm chilling out with a Chipotle burrito and TiVo'ed shows I've missed over the past 5 days.

It's a good day.

Oh, Showbiz Show. I missed you last week...

First, from Bill Mahar (on Alec Baldwin's phone message): "[Kids] need to be slapped and they need to have a parent who says 'I'm going to come out there and straighten you.' That sounded to me like a father who's saying to himself, 'My little girl is turning into the insufferable shrew that is mommy.'"

And then, the highlight from David Spade:
"[Lindsay] Lohan has also dropped out of the movie The Best Time of Our Lives just weeks before filming. Her role, which requires lesbian sex scenes with Keira Knightley, is being taken over by Siena Miller. And that's this week's 'News That Just Gave Me a Boner.'"

On an additionally awesome note, the film will also feature Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys (Kevin on "Brothers & Sisters"). Because, you know, Keira Knightley making out with a chick wasn't going to be excellent enough.


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