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But when I get home to you, I'll find the things that you do will make me feel alright...

My room overlooks the pool in our complex, which means that I can generally hear people chatting loudly, or yelling and being dumb at 3am. It usually sucks.

Today, however, it's a good thing.

Whoever is down there is playing The Beatles, more loudly than is absolutely necessary, but I don't mind being serenaded. I think it might be Beatles 1 on shuffle, or a mix, but I'm leaning toward the former.

So I took the first of two final exams I have. It was alright. There were a couple things I totally blanked on (specifically the styles of Jasper Johns and Beuys) and my essay wasn't very good. However, I'm hoping that I can pull off an A, because it should tip my overall grade in that direction.

Now, I'm studying for Italian Renaissance (or rather, taking a break from studying). I can totally do Botticelli, Leonardo, Raphael, and's the other 27 artists I'm not sure sure about.

Well, nows seems as good a time as any to extend my break and get dinner. Then I'll be up burning that midnight oil until I can differentiate Perugino from Antonello and distinguish between the three Bellinis.
Tags: art, beatles, music, school

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