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You're gonna be doing a lot of doobie-rolling when you're living in a van down by the river!

I'm over my cell phone minute this month like whoa.

I ran out of my 250 minute allotment about 10 days ago, and I've most certainly used at least an additional 100. I'm really hoping the overage fee is only $0.10, or so, or Mommy might get a little angry.

I've also used 234 text messages this month (crazy, right? I blame The Idol), but I still have 166 of those.

The good news? Tomorrow is the beginning of a new billing cycle.

But really. I should have more than 250 anytime minutes. I get 400 text messages a month, but only 250 minutes? Where's the logic in that? I know I text a lot (more so, now that I know I get 400 a month), but still.

*sigh* Maybe I'll get a better plan when I get an iPhone. I'm pretty sure my contract is up in September, and maybe by then iPhones will be available. Apple's pretty good with the supply and demand thing. Unlike SOME companies (I'm looking at you, Nintendo! Where's my goddamn Wii?!)
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