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I was just waiting for your phone call when they came along to say...

One more post of random stuff before I actually get to studying for those pesky final exams....

First, look how cute! Waiting to chase the mouse

Second, from (which Chazzie posted a few days ago), I found two gems:
a) Simon's Shitty Stick
b) Dictionary Guy

Also, it's possible I want a It's Motherfucking Booze Time tee-shirt.

Third, what's next? Wikipedia in book form? Wikipedia woos the offline world

Fourth, I really want a Landmark Theater near me. Don't get my wrong, I love my Regal. It's great for 70% of the films I want to see on a weekly basis. And the Enzian is lovely. You sit at tables and they serve food and show foreign, independent, and documentary films...but there's only one screen and they typically only show one movie per week (or every two weeks, if it has a two-week run). I've already seen Avenue Montaigne...what do you mean I have to wait until May 4th for another film?

Landmark, on the other hand, is a lovely franchise with multiple screens dedicated to foreign and independent films. The one in Highland Park, for example, has five screens and is showing two German films I really want to see (Black Book and The Lives of Others), and Year of the Dog, and indie film with Molly Shannon, Peter Saarsgard, and Laura Dern. And on Friday? The Valet, a French film by the director of The Dinner Game and The Closet (Le Placard) and After the Wedding a Danish film, starring Mads Mikkelsen (aka the bad guy from Casino Royale) will open. Right in Highland Park.

But alas. The closest Landmark Theater to me is in Atlanta (and for those of you lacking in geographical conception of distance...that's 440 miles away, or 6 and a half hours).

Not to mention that the new Landmark in West Los Angeles may have caused me to drool...just a little. Why can't they build that by me?

Alright, 20th Century Art. Le Corbusier, Pollock, Dubuffet, Warhol, Richard Serra...go!
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