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Island girl, island girl, island girl, tell me what you wanting with the white man's world...

I discovered an interesting article over on Discovery News:

TV Shows Get CDC Advice

CDC officials make time for Hollywood meetings, because they know what's on screen can be influential. In a 2000 CDC-sponsored survey, more than half of TV viewers said they trust health information on prime-time shows to be accurate, and about one-quarter said prime-time television is one of their top three sources of health information.

It's so true. I watch enough medical shows that I can pin point certain ailments and afflictions before the TV doctors even announce them (I can't think of any examples right now except stroke and seizure, but those are easy...). Same goes for crime shows with dead bodies, like CSI. They rattle of symptoms and I can peg asphyxia from a mile away (I even spelled it right on the first try).

But the article makes me feel good...essentially, the CDC is helping to prevent unnecessary panic, which could occur as a result of poorly researched medical drama featuring misguided notions or impossible situations, especially when pertaining to epidemics (bird flu, for example).

Fictional TV. Based in fact.

Did I just blow your mind?

Also, the pope may be "releasing" unbaptized infants from Limbo. My question? When's the cut off for being an "infant"?

An advisory body to the Vatican, the 30-member commission concluded that the concept of limbo reflected an "unduly restrictive view of salvation."

Well aren't we just the papacy of free love?
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