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So I heard a statistic a few weeks ago (I don't remember the exact numbers), but divorced men are more likely to get remarried than divorced women.

At first, I thought it was kinda sad. It makes it sound like divorced women are more likely to die alone.

Then I was watching "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and I think I've discovered a reason for the statistic.

I'm postulating that more divorced men date younger women (who have never been married) than divorced women date younger men. And because apparently all women want to get married, the young floozies trap their older divorcés and they get remarried, though it's the first time for their spouse.

As for divorced women? I don't know...maybe they're just smart enough to not do it again.

By the way, "The New Adventures of Old Christine" should totally be put out on DVD.



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Apr. 24th, 2007 04:47 pm (UTC)
-Autopsy said he had one beer, how many did you have? -Four. -You're dead, man, you're so dead.
Okay, I fuckin love that sleazy quote. It's like the best Dazed & Confused line on the planet. Made me laugh because I was reading some jerk's top 7 list of overrated actors and Matt McC was on it, and the guy gave him no props for that movie and I was like, I hate this journalist. Also on his list? Ben Kingsley. WTF?? Said his ego's massive, and proved this by saying that in Lucky Number Slevin he's listed as Sir Ben Kingsley--like he's the one creating the titles? It's someone job to do that! And he is a Sir. Judie Dench is always listed as Dame, isn't she? And Sir Ian? Either way, I flicked off that guy and thought you should join me in indignation.

Um, also, I think your theory about divorced men baggin' the younger ladies is true. But then, doesn't that mean that in like 15 to 30 years, there's going to be a crapton of like barely middle-aged widows, when all those trophy wives' husbands kick off? That's kind of creepy.
Apr. 24th, 2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
-Say, man, you got a joint? -No, not on me, man. -It'd be a lot cooler if you did.
In keeping with the Dazed and Confused quotage...

And Matt McC is stellar in Dazed and Confused, and while I think he's had some shitty movies (Failure to Launch topping that list), he also did A Time to Kill and Amistad. Besides, I still love him in The Wedding Planner. Dr. Steve! *swoon* And who doesn't love Sahara?

And I'm not any sort of die-hard Ben Kingsley fan, but saying he's overrated is just uncalled for. I mean...the guy was Gandhi for fuck's sake. He was that guy in Schindler's List! Hell, I loved him as the vice president in Dave! As for the "sir" thing, it is a bit unorthodox for movie credits, but it's certainly not unheard of. Typically they'll drop the title for promoting films but it's almost always used for personal appearances (like talk shows or news programs).

I think what it comes down to is that it's a very British thing to use titles. Even famous people who have a doctorate (with the exception of Dr. Phil), tend to drop the title. It stems from the birth of the nation when Washington and the other founding fathers decided that titles were dividing and didn't provide for the egalitarian nation they envisioned. So perhaps this journalist dude is just stuck in the 1780s.

And the whole "what happens to people after divorce" thing is really interesting. There should probably be more studies done on it, considering half of marriages will end that way. Eh, I need to think about it more.
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