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I'm sorry, did that joke just arrive in a time machine from 1992?

So I'm doing a bit of research for my script, in which one of my characters draws comic-book type superheroes.

Now, I'm a bit geeky, but I really know nothing about comics.

However, the internet is wonderful and I discovered that DC comics scouts for new talent at the San Diego Comic-Con (who knew?). Anyway, my character is quite poor, so I was at the Comic-Con website and noticed that they take volunteers (a good way for my character to get his foot in the door for free).

So I'm checking the volunteer application and I kid you not, it says: "Are you fluent in a Language other than English or Klingon?"



(Sorry for the long set up to that brief punchline. If I had said "I was looking at a volunteer form for the San Diego Comic-Con and found..." y'all might have jumped to some conclusions that I'd like to avoid. Mainly, that I'd volunteer/attend a comic book convention.)
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