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Be still my beating heart!!!

A while ago, I posted that a movie-version of the London musical Mamma Mia! would star Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep in the lead roles.

While this continues to be true, has reported that also joining the cast are Christine Baranski, Skellen Skarsgard, and COLIN FIRTH!

Sweet, sweet, and sweeter!

Also, Amanda Seyfried (the dumb one in Mean Girls) is slated to play the daughter.


In equally awesome news, after an "is he-isn't he" debate, it has finally been verified that Shia LaBeouf will play a role in the fourth Indiana Jones film. (Yay!) It hasn't been confirmed whether or not he'll be Indy's son...though I must say, it would play really well into my "refreshing" of the franchise idea if Indy Jr. takes up the reigns and has his own adventures for a few flicks. Mmm...Shia LaBeouf doing the Indy thing!


Final note: I forgot to add Live Free or Die Hard to my summer blockbuster list. Of course I will be seeing that. Bruce Willis as John McClane, Timothy Olyphant as a bad guy, and Justin Long (Mac, in the Mac vs. PC commercials) doing something...I'm not really sure. But it will rock.


I'm still working on the "getting sisters to come see Disturbia with me today." Shia LaBeouf! Rowr! (BTW, I totally watch "Even Stevens" every once in a while, just because I adore him.)
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