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I hope you know, I hope you know, that this has nothing to do with you...

List in the making...

Movies to watch when...

...I'm in a girly romanic mood: Pride and Prejudice (2005), Chocolat
...I'm in a giddy romantic mood: Love Actually, Imagine Me & You
...I'm tired of life: Ocean's 11 (it's an excellent pick-me-up), Saved!
...I want to go on a ride: Pirates of the Caribbean (either), Jurassic Park
...I miss Europe: A Good Year
...I'm in a silly, giggle like a schoolgirl mood: She's the Man, Bring It On
...I need to laugh: Eddie Izzard's Glorious
...I need to cry:
...I want to be whisked away on a white horse: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty

Plus, Fergie's song on The Idol tonight was excellent. I might need to purchase her album ("The Duchess"). Anyone have it? Thoughts? Is it worth $10?
Tags: idol, lists

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