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Happy Yom Kippur!

And certainly it has been a happy day!

I woke up at 9:30 and started homework at 10. Though I spent 5 hours on homework, mostly physics, I didn't care because I was doing it while lounging in my pajamas, on my couch and flipping between MTV, VH1 and our digital music channels. It was nice.

And, I saw the Staind video for "Fade" twice, and heard it once more. Yay! Definitely need to go out and by Break the Cycle, but I have no money.

I have to pick up pictures from Walgreens. Yay pictures!

Was watching Teen Jeopardy or whatever, and getting all the questions right. That makes me happy.

Downloaded 4 new songs. Live - Simple Creed; Staind - Fade; Green Day - Welcome to Paradise; Incubus - I Wish You Were Here.

I was nominated to be inducted into the French Honor's Society. That will look good on college transcripts, so yay! I knew taking 5 years of French was going to be worth something.

I'm going to go to Ci's in a little bit, so I can edit pictures. Maybe scan some more too.

I'm currently helping Allie to order tickets for Britney Spears. (She and her little sister will be going.) Apparently there was a pre-sale that I didn't hear about. Oh well. Actual tickets go on sale Saturday, and is being super wonky, so I think I'll just try later. Now I know the pre-sale code though. Muahahahaha! and the pre-sale continues until tomorrow night. Plenty of time to get me some tickets to Britney.

Gonna go pick up film now. Tootle-oo!

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