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Keep your drink, just give me the money...

So y'all probably hate when I start talking about Ellen, because if I talk about something that rocked, you missed it already. However, you could catch the reruns on Oxygen....

Anyway, the point is I've watched the past four episodes and the highlights so far have been:
- Leah Remini, who is lovely and hilarious and called Ellen both an "ass" and a "bitch" (all in good jest, of course). Supposedly she had a mouth like a trucker, so I think she and I would get along well ;-)
- Gina Glocksen, my girl from Idol who was kicked off last week. She rocks and I totally just downloaded her 4 songs on at $0.99 a piece
- Kurt Russell...I forgot how funny and wonderful he is! And I still won't see Grindhouse, but I will look him up on Netflix and add some of his
- Pink, whose "I'm Not Dead" CD is currently on repeat in my car. I listen to it constantly, along with The Fray, and KT Tunstall
- Hilary Duff, who didn't have a great interview, but I adore her anyway. I might need to buy her CD (seriously, stop laughing!)
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