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Tell me I'm wrong, that I'm coming on way too strong, don't think I'll be crushed...

Okay, so my new guilty pleasure is the MTV show "Hilary Duff: This is Now."

(I'll wait for you to finish scoffing and rolling your eyes...)

Now, on occasion, Hilary can be a little whiny...but then again, so can I. Besides, it's usually cute (because frankly, she's adorable), and it's understandable because that's a tough life (jetsetting to Spain to do 15 interviews in 2 hours, then heading to England to perform her new single and then shoot a promo at a Lebanese restaurant? Crazy).

However, I've never appreciated Hilary more than in a scene where she takes a cooking lesson with Haylie and one of their friends (a private chef came to the house, of course). The friend and Haylie were overly obnoxious and incompetent (who doesn't know how to use a cheese grater, honestly?) and whiny in a really bad way. In comparison, Hilary was far more mature, considerate, and just plain competent.

Seriously? The girl needs some better friends.
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