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I'm a bit sleepy, so I think I'll hit the hay soon.

Updated my website. There is now a page of Heermanisms, quotes, jokes and analogies thanks to my US History teacher. He's a funny guy, and I think you will find the humor in them, even if you weren't there.

Also, my concerts page. It has the names and dates of the 11 concerts I've been to in my lifetime. (10 of them within the past 12 months. 8 within the past 4 months). It also has where they were. I'm gone out of town for 4 concerts. Out of state for 3 of those. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

That's bout it. I did my calculus and French homework. Also, half of my History. I have a crap-load of Physics to do tomorrow, and the rest of my history (but that will be somewhat easy.) Hopefully, I'll get time to go to a Ci's apartment to use her nice picture editing software. The only thing I have is Paint. How much does that suck? I really gotta get me something good. *sigh* Eventually...

Still totally psyched about LA. I basically haven't shut up about it. I know my parents are probably both silently protesting a little. Flying from Chicago to LA is a bit dangerous these days. Hopefully everything will have lightened up by then. It probably won't, but I think we will be safe. Either way, I'm really excited.

Friday is Allie's birthday. We might go out that night. Don't know if it's going to be a big group thing or a smaller gathering. I'm a little irritated with a couple of my friends, but of course, they don't know it. Girls are good at hiding that sort of stuff. Either way, my feelings will blow over, and it's not worth making a big deal over, so I'm sitting quiet and waiting.

Candace want to go to the Olive Garden for dinner tomorrow. I'm not one to turn down Olive Garden (it's my favorite restaurant), but I don't know if I have the money for it. Which reminds me, I need to bring $ for a Homecoming Sweatshirt, the PSATs, and a class ring deposit. Class ring is a problem. I want to get a white gold band (because the silver they have looks cheap), and the stone I want is an extra $110. Ouch. But I really don't like the cheaper stones. They aren't as pretty of colors. But that combination would make a ring that is over $300. I don't think it's worth it, but I would probably wear it. I think I'll talk to mommy about it tomorrow. See what she'll let me get.

Yeah, so I think it's my bedtime now. Since I'll be home tomorrow, I'll probably post fairly often. Fair warning.

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