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I'm back!!!

Ya gotta give me credit for staying away for 45 minutes. Especially when I'm bored.

Told the parents about LA. Mommy mentioned that my first ride on an airplane was for the 8th grade trip to Washington DC, and my second would be on the chorus trip to Los Angeles. *throws confetti* Sounds like an affirmative response to me.

My brother's ex-fiancee is over. He's fixing her breaks, because she's moving to San Diego on Saturday. She's such a sweetie, and we all love her. Too bad things didn't work out.

Now for the reason I'm posting....
I realized yesterday that I totally miss my Political Science class from last year, and wish I was taking a class where you just go and discuss current events and politics. I totally love it. What sparked this, was my US History teacher (who has a section of PS before us) decided to take time out of the Colonies to discuss the NY primaries for mayor.

Basically, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the NY Senate trying to make it possible for Rudy Guiliani to run for a third term as mayor. Anyone? Or anyone want to discuss something else in recent political events? I'm in a desperate search for intelligible conversation right now. Help!

If he isn't able to be mayor of NYC again, he will definitely become Senator in the election next fall. My opinion, at least. He's at a 95% approval rating. Higher than anyone in the US currently, and I think anyone since 1941. (I apologize if this is wrong, but it makes sense, because that was the time of FDR and Pearl Harbor.)

*Squee!* Okay, intellectual political discussion comes to a hault while I become terribly teenie. Tickets for Britney go on sale Saturday at noon! Ci, you wanna go? Pleasepleaseplease?!?!

Okay, so I just got an e-mail titled "Chicago Welcomes Aerosmith", advertising for their tour. It was to inform us that they would be playing at University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. Um....that's 3 hours away from Chicago. So really, "Central Illinois (the part filled with nothing but corn and fast food places along the hi-way) Welcomes Aerosmith". [For the record, the first time I saw Matchbox Twenty was on their college tour in Fall of '99, and I ditched school for two days to go down to Champaign and see them. My sister's school is about 45 minutes south, in Mattoon (Eastern Illinois University), so my cousin and I stayed with her. It was totally awesome!]

Okay, I'm done now. And hungry.
Me: Have you considered dinner yet?
Mommy: Considered, yes.
Then that was the end of the conversation. I'm from a family of procrastinating slacks. Ain't that the coolest?

And to reiterate....anyone with MTV2 want to tape Staind Unplugged tomorrow for me? *grins hopefully*

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