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Rash, Turner. Too rash.

John Waters was on Shootout on Sunday, and he was hilarious! I keep meaning to watch that "'Til Death Do Us Part" on CourtTV.

A few gems:

(about the upcoming Hairspray remake)
Peter Bart: I have heard what role you play, would you care to describe it?
Waters: Well, I'm the flasher. You know, I'm always type-cast.

(about Pee-Wee Herman's public masturbation charge)
"[Paul Reubens] got a bum rap on that, if you ask me. I thought that's what you're supposed to do in a porn movie. It's like screaming in a horror movie. I thought that was the point."

(in reference to movie gimmicks (odorama, Smellovision)
"3D is really good for porn. Think about it."

(regarding obscenity laws and Pink Flamingos)
"Yes, there's a law. And I never won. Pink Flamingos was convicted of obscenity every single time, I never one a case. Because it is obscene. It's joyously midnight when you're on marijuana. At 10am in the morning when you've just had jury duty, it's a whole different story."


Now? I'm watching Pirates (again), but this time with audio commentary by Keira Knightley and Jack Davenport ( Brits!)

Also, it's Amanda Bynes' birthday today. I think I'll watch What a Girl Wants later, to celebrate (I TiVo'ed it last weekend).
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