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But why is the rum gone?

I am now either the coolest or the geekiest person you know.

Yesterday, I went to Disney (Magic Kingdom, specifically) with my sisters, Emily and Fayanne (Fayanne's on Spring Break this week). It was much fun and I hadn't been there since November, so it was excellent to get back. We went on Pirates (of course), and all the other good rides...Haunted Mansion, Liberty Square Riverboat, It's a Small World, Mickey's PhilharMagic, Snow White's Scary Adventure, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and the new Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. (Lines were too long at Peter Pan's Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Space Mountain.)

There was also some shopping done, and this is the geeky part...

I got Captain Jack's ring (which is actually Johnny Depp's, he bought it at an antique store in 1989, and can be seen on Jack's pointer finger throughout the film: see this picture). I've been shopping around for a ring for my left hand, and this was perfect! Then, I decided that I needed this cursed Aztec gold necklace...I know it looks crappy in the packaging, but it's actually pretty heavy (= quality) and it's about as long as Elizabeth's is in the movie (see the screencap for reference). I've been coveting this necklace for about a year, so I'm excited about it. (And I've been giggling all weekend about having cursed pirate gold!)

Today, I joined Fayanne, Chris, and my Mom at Downtown Disney after class for some more shopping (I got a really cute Eeyore keychain) before heading to The Florida Mall. It's big, and has lots of the normal store. I got a new pair of black Reefs (mine were past their prime) and I also picked up a pair of gold Mary Jane Crocs. I know, I know...I'm not a huge Croc fan either, but the Mary Janes are really cute and the gold is nice.

Now, I'm watching Dancing With the Stars, which I don't really like (it was my mom's suggestion to watch it), but I do love Joey Fatone and Ian Ziering is pretty cool (though I keep wishing it were Brian Austin Green). I probably won't watch again, but it's good for background noise. And Heather Mills is incredible, with her artificial leg. She actually went to her doctor to get a new leg that was more "bouncy" so she could do the jive this week. That's commitment and determination.

And because it was brought up earlier today, they do mention Cortez in Pirates of the Caribbean:
"This is Aztec gold. One of 882 identical pieces they delivered in a stone chest to Cortez himself. Blood money paid to stem the slaughter he wreaked upon them with his armies, but the greed of Cortez was insatiable. So the heathen gods placed upon the gold... a terrible curse. Any mortal that removes but a single piece from that stone chest shall be punished for eternity." - Barbossa

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