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Keep your drink, just give me the's just you and your hand tonight...

Now, I've espoused the virtues of TiVo on several occasion...because, frankly, it's amazing.

My most resent admiration is for the ability to track my television shows, regardless of what day/time it's on. For example, "House" has taken to playing on Fridays (randomly), and though tonight's episode was a rerun, I hadn't seen in. So, I'm watching a movie I had recorded earlier in the day, and I notice my TiVo began recording. Low and behold! I finish up my movie, and I started up with "House."


Other amazing features include recording programs/movies:
- in the middle of the night while I'm asleep
- while I'm at class
- while I'm out doing other things (studying at the library, attending the film festival)
- while I'm out grocery/other shopping
- while I'm working on big projects and papers
- while I do my serious study thing
- when I go to my mom's (sister's) for the weekend

I never miss an episode of anything. No matter when it airs. I caught "Psych" last night at 1am. I record reruns of "Newsradio" every day at noon (though I have class at noon MWF).


I can pause anything (live or recorded):
- when I have to use the bathroom
- to make/get dinner
- when I have a phone call
- when I need to switch loads of laundry

Seriously. TiVo is amazing. I've had it for over two years, and I still love it like it were brand new. I will never, ever give it up. You will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Oh, and y'all should be watching "Raines." It's still good, three episodes in.


On a non-TiVo note:

I'm still in Orlando, though I should be in Spring Hill this weekend (Fayanne comes in town tomorrow morning for her Spring Break). My Film Festival project isn't quite over, and we still have to return some unused posters and postcards to the filmmaker, but they are in my possession and I'm not sure when I can take them back, or pass them off to someone else in my group. It's a little irritating.

I'm hoping to be out of here by noon tomorrow, though. (If I can get everything straightened out tonight, I'll leave at 9am.)
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