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When we dance you have a way with me, stay with me, sway with me...

A Good Year est un très beau film.

Seriously...I couldn't care less about the plot (which is predictable, mostly) or Russell Crowe (who isn't overtly obnoxious, thankfully), but the feel of it is just fantastique! Marion Cotillard is amazing, the landscape is incredible, the narrative meanders like a gentle breeze.

It is everything French and simply magnifique!

Tom Hollander and Richard Coyle also make notable appearances. It also has a very good soundtrack. Abbie Cornish, however, is utter rubbish. Perhaps it was intentional to make her the 'stupide Americaine' with an atrocious accent when she attempts to speak French, but she's offensive to the ears.

When it goes on sale for $6 or $7, I'll be sure to purchase it. The beauty is worth that much, at least.
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