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Per a suggestion from Zoe, I've been trying to watch "Judging Amy" as a substitute for the Tim Omundson-ness of "Psych." And while Tim is adorably fabulous in his role as Sean, he is primary seen only with Tyne Daly (the weakest part of the show, in my opinion). If his character were working with Amy, that would rock. Though I'm not a big fan of the courtroom stuff either. Or the custody battle thing going on.

Basically, I like the big family (other than Tyne Daly), and the singular characters of Amy and Sean.

So methinks I won't be watching much longer.


It's like destiny!

Tim Omundson was on 6 episodes of "Xena: Warrior Princess" as Eli, an Avatar...and those episodes happen to be on Oxygen this week and next week.

What luck?

Out of 134 episodes, the 6 with Tim Omundson started airing yesterday!

Hee hee! He's all mystical and bearded with long hair and colorful robe!]
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