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Big Trouble in Little Deerfield

Well, Elliott's surprise party was not all it was cracked up to be. He was surprised, I'll tell you that much, but he was expecting to just go see Fast and the Furious with Jenny, and that was it for the whole day. Obviously after 3 weeks at camp and an 8 hour drive home, he was a bit tired, and not in the mood to be center of attention at a party. We kicked ourselves out and went to Bridgette's house. Later, Elliott and Jenny showed up, so it was all happy.

Around 8, we decided we wanted to go get food, so we went out to Olive Garden...all 10 of us. (Mary, Bridgette, Jenny, Elliott, Caitlin, Lewis, Candace, JC, Lindsay and me). It was a lot of fun. After, those of us without curfew (Mary, Bridgette, Elliott, Lindsay, Jenny and me) went to see the 10:30 showing of Fast and the Furious, while the others went to Lewis's house to watch a movie.

Tomorrow, I'm seeing Legally Blond with Candace, JC and whoever wants to come...I might also go with Caitlin to Mario Tricoci while she gets a facial and her hair cut, colored and styled. I think it would be pretty cool, so I asked to go. However, that is the future, and I try to live in the moment, so for now, I shall leave and do...god only knows what. To infinity, and beyond!

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