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It should be a dress or nothing. I happen to have no dress in my cabin.

It's a good birthday day....Alan Arkin (73), James Caan (67), Amy Smart (31), and (most importantly) Keira Knightley (22).

Clearly, I must celebrate. But with what? I could go for a classic, like Pirates. Or something sweet like Pride and Prejudice. Then again, Love Actually has a lot to offer (though her part is so small), and I don't care what people say...Dead Man's Chest was fantastic. I do own Domino, which is violent, but she kinda kicks a whole lot of ass, or then there's Bend It Like Beckham that kicks ass without blood and guns.

Oh, the choices!

No matter what, I should get to my homework now so that I have plenty of time to enjoy at least one (maybe two!) of the spectacular Keira-filled films.

By the way, I feel as though she should be older than me. I mean...she's so accomplished and I'm so...not.


*happy sigh* She's just so lovely.
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