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I knew we'd end up like this--like some glittering Doris Day/Rock Hudson extravaganza.

I've had TBS on practically all weekend. And I think the major theme is Julia Roberts. This morning was Something to Talk About (oh, Dennis cutie), and now, the film from which my subject line quote is...from? (Grammar hates me in French and English, apparently.)

Cookie for whomever guesses the movie first! (I'm looking at you, Zoe.)

The bigger thing is this: I'm caught up. I'm caught up on all the TV shows I missed from Spring Break, and last week when I had so much work. They were all waiting patiently on my TiVo, and now I've watched them all. I'm caught up on all my Netflix movies. They have been watched and sent away in the mail. I have no Netflix in my possession (and I get that's a feat. Though I am downgrading to 4-at-a-time at the end of this billing cycle...).

So no more time-shifted, pre-recorded television shows. No more movies waiting to be watched.


Is live TV and being restricted to movies you own how real people live?

How primitive.

Oh, and I'll leave you on this note: Topanga = Hermione. (And similarly, Sark = Draco, but I made that point a while back.)
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