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Where is the Maid Marian? Let us kiss with tongues!

So I'm watching "The Riches" (second episode, I've finished the pilot). It's really good. Dark, but a good kind of dark. That fabulous kind of dark that I love and will soon be obsessed with (...with which I will be...yeah, you know).

Eddie Izzard is amazing. I love him. If I didn't want to bang him before (which I did), I certainly do now (but even moreso!). The best part? His fan base is going to explode now that he has his own show. The more Eddie love, the more Eddie out there.

My only minor complaint? The accents.

We know that they are both British, we know they both have sweet ass British accents. And I know Eddie Izzard when he's putting on a fake American accent because he does it in stand up and it sounds fake. As far as Minnie, I think she could pull off the American, except that she's going for southern. It's not bad, actually, just at times it is obvious.

But it's okay, because je s'aiment.

And the daughter (I'm probably the only one who made this connection), she was on an episode of "Psych." She was the crazy killer girl in the sorority one, "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast."

Hartley Underwood: The Riches? I was told there wouldn't be children.
Dahlia: Yeah, condoms ain't what they used to be.
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