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So I'm watching the first episode of "Raines" from last week and it's pretty sweet. I'm loving the Jeff Goldblum, the writing it quick and clever, and it purposefully and effectively subverts the cliché.

So yay. I'd recommend catching an episode or two.

Next up, this week's "Raines" and then I'll finally going to get around to watching "The Riches" from this and last weeks.

I'm also doing laundry and really should go grocery shopping at some point...though at 4-4:15-ish I have to head out to Winter Park for official Film Festival business (like how I'm making myself sound more important than I am?). I'll be doing surveys...? Not really sure what that entails, but it's a four-hour shift and I'm hoping it will count for extra credit in my Film Producer class (the reason I am promoting a film for the Festival). I'm nervous our film won't get a huge audience (the main basis for the grade of said project), so the extra credit would be nice.

Yeah. So TV until I have something real to do. And watch "Raines," it's good.
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