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Demented and sad, but social.

You know what I just decided?

(Clearly not, because then you'd be in my head, and that's a scary enough place for just me, let alone all of you out there...but anyway...)

"The Colbert Report" is a little like going to a house party on a Saturday night. It feels inviting and a little intimate, you can get lost in the dark corners and do things that you wouldn't usually do, because it's late, you've probably been drinking and it's not like there are a ton of people around.

Then Monday comes and the pictures are all over facebook. know....something like that.

I watched last night's episode with Katie Couric and there was a part where Colbert wanted her to put her legs up on the table to compare and see who's were nicer. Anyway, she didn't do it, but I thought to myself: "If there was ever a time and place Katie Couric would do something like would totally be the Colbert Report."

It's just a freeing environment. And while Katie may get a bit of a backlash from the incident (there's always that one person in class who has to say "Dude...I saw you at that party, and whoa"), no one would really fault her, because it's The Colbert Report. Everyone does it.

Hmm...perhaps it's more akin to being stoned. "Eh, she was high at the time, you know how that goes..."
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