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I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I figured that today would be the perfect debut my Mark Wahlberg icon!

First, I went to see Shooter. It's pretty good, and he's hot. Rowr! (Better than some recent conspiracy-type action Firewall and The Sentinel, both of which sucked. Though for my money, I'd take '70s, football playing Mark from Invincible...less blood, but still ripped.)

Second, he's on Ellen today. And he's fabulous. Such a good guy, and a really serious actor and I totally respect him (you know...more than just coveting his hot, hot body).

[Rainn Wilson is also on and I adore him. "The Office" is wonderful and he's such a funny guy. The Last Mimzy hasn't been received very well, but I still kinda want to see it.]

Third, I'm going to (finally) watch A Perfect Storm, which I've had from Netflix for over a week.

It's like totally a Marky Mark day!

It's crazy....I've been so busy recently, that I forgot what it is to just hang out and have nothing to do.

Like, I got out of the movie and was thinking "Oh, that was over two hours, what should I have been doing? Am I going to have to work harder to make up for time lost?"

And then I realized that my next major project is a 5-6 page paper on 20th century political art on April 10th. Dude...I have three weeks! (Except for the Florida Film Festival, which might just eat my soul for the next week.)

I can totally chill out, and work on making my script for my writing class not suck.
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