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Running, jumping, climbing trees...putting on make-up when you're up there.

Eddie Izzard on Ellen! (Back on Tuesday...not today. Oxygen replays them one week later at like...2am, if you want to see it.)


Seriously, I wish it were just him and Ellen the whole show. 7 minutes isn't enough.

I'm also seriously excited he's reprising his role at Nagel in Ocean's 13. I'm sure he'll be in it for like...2 minutes (as he was in Ocean's 12), but it still rocks. I watched Mystery Men again recently (which is about as good as Starship Troopers), and though it sucked, it was Eddie Izzard so it was fabulous.

Mmm...covered in bees.


And Jeff Goldblum yesterday was fabulous. Wednesday/Thursday at 2am on would be totally worth it. Crazy.
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