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Just saw Gone....

"Stripped down song"....*sigh*


The close ups of Justin are....oh my god. He films really well. I almost don't care that the other guys aren't there a whole lot.

JC with facial hair. *sigh* I love that boy.

Joey and JC dancing at the party. Squee.

Justin is so beautiful, especially in black and white.

JC is also incredibly beautiful, especially in black and white.

I love Lance's attempt at a beard.

Haven't planned second leg of US tour. Please! Come back! "I don't know if we can do another PopOdysey" *sigh* damn it.

Oh! Brit and Jup on vacation together. And her vid's at number one. That's adorable. Yay!

I'm so torn....Jup or Brit icon? Hmmm...just used Britney, I guess I'll go with JuJu-Bee.

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