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Ummm....why didn't anyone tell me that Neil Patrick Harris is in Starship Troopers?

I TiVo'ed it because Tim Omundson (yes, I'm still on that) is in a super tiny role (he's listed like...40th on the credits).

But, to my complete surprise, NPH plays the toolish sidekick!


By the way, if you search for "NPH" at IMDb, it takes you automatically to Neil Patrick Harris's page. Heh. Cool.

Oh, and in case you guys didn't know...I totally rock. Like...hard core.

I finished up my big assignments today by turning in the first 20 pages of my script (by the way...20 pages is A LOT), and my outline for my 20th Century Art class.

[EDIT: So I watched the entirety of Starship Troopers, which I had TiVo'ed, and it kinda sucked. NPH is definitely not in it nearly enough and I didn't see Tim Omundson at all. I'm wondering if his scene was cut out completely when edited for TV. Anyone know? He played a "Psychic" (heh), and I didn't watch a scene where I saw a I dumb? Is it something that is easily overlooked?]
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