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I am ON FIRE today.

Not only did I rock the paper thing today, but I've been having some pretty impressive luck today.

First off, I hadn't finished my Film History by the time I got back from class at 2, and it was due to the Film Office by 5pm. I set my personal deadline at 4:30, so I'd have plenty of time to print and get it to campus.

I finished it promptly at 4:30 AND it was longer than the requirement. Pretty good. I got it into the Film Office at 4:47, with plenty of time to spare.

Second (and this one rocks), I left campus after turning in my paper at 4:50. Now, the mailbox at my local post office is emptied at 5pm, and while it is only about 3 miles away from campus...there's a slew of stop lights in between and this was rush hour.

I didn't think I would make it, and as I pulled into the post office, a guy comes out with a HUGE sack dumpster on wheels (which is apparently what mail is collected in, in the really big post office boxes). As I pulled up, he was replacing the one full of mail with an empty one, so I tossed my mail (3 Netflix envelopes of the films I used for my Film History paper) into the canvas dumpster that was sitting out.

Now, maybe I'm a big geek, but I thought that was TOTALLY sweet! Both the getting my mail there, just in the nick of time, and getting to put it directly into the big canvas dumpster thing and not the blue box.

Third, I went to Panera and ordered my You Pick Two with garden vegetable soup and a 1/2 tuna salad sandwich on whole grain, and sadly, they were out of whole grain. Oh well, I got it on honey wheat instead.

Then I got home and first found that instead of a plastic spoon in my to-go bag, I had a metal one. Sweet, free spoon! PLUS! When I opened my sandwich, I discovered that I was not given a 1/2 sandwich, but a whole one!

Now, I definitely don't need a whole sandwich (or the calories that go along with it), but I am not one to turn down free food, so I thought that was quite excellent.

To sum up:
- Paper turned in, 13 minutes before it was due
- Mail dropped off at the very last second (and into a cool roll-y mail dumpster)
- Free metal soup spoon from Panera
- Free 1/2 tuna sandwich from Panera

Life is good. I don't think I'll go out anymore tonight, though. I don't want to press my luck (no whammies!).
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