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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

I can not tell you how excited I am right now!!!!

Okay, so for chorus, every year, Chorale (the oldest choir: Jr and Sr girls, Soph, Jr, and Sr guys) gets to go on a trip. Last year, they went to Tennessee. Um...wow, right? Well, they do a "big" trip every other year, that was an off year. They year before, they went to Disney World, and performed there and spent a few days chilling around Orlando. That was cool. I didn't get to go.

So this year, I get to go on my first trip. Mrs. Akers was keeping all secretive until she got the okay from the school board. However, after the September 11th tragedy, the idea had to go back to the board. So today, she finally told us what was going on.

We were approved. We are going to LA!!! Oh my god, it's going to be incredible. We will probably go to USC and UCLA to perform and visit. We also might perform at Disneyland, and see The Lion King the Musical in Los Angeles. I am so EXCITED!!!! Also, good news, because we are a group, and tourism has sort of gone down, we can probably get really good deals on hotels and airfare. It's going to be in February, but I can't wait. AHHHH!!!!!



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Sep. 26th, 2001 06:28 pm (UTC)
Dude! If you can, go to Ima's. It's a store and I have no idea where it is but it's in LA. If you can find it, buy everything in that store. They have the most wonderfully amazing food in Israel but not here, and all of that wonderfully amazing Israeli food, they sell in Ima's. You just. Must.


I just recently went down there to visit the grand rents. Hope you have fun. :)
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