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By the way, it bothers me when people dislike films for the following reasons:
- It's silent
- It's in black & white
- It has subtitles
- It's foreign
- It was made before 1975

Seriously folks...get a little culture. I'm sorry that you're too lazy to read, but foreign films are good too.

**This post brought to you by the ignorant fools who post messages on Netflix or IMDb complaining that the movie sucked because it was subtitled.

Not kidding...check this out (from the Netflix page for Hitchcock's Bon Voyage/Aventure Malgache):
"movie was in french~do not like to have to read subtitles. Do not enjoy having to watch a movie when I have to try to read subtitles and watch the movie. It takes the fun out of it."

Thank you "barbara cohen" for the intellectual insight. Hag.
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