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So I'm a liar,** get over it.

This is just a post to say that I feel pathetic working on a paper on St. Patrick's Day night (err...yeah), and more pathetic because it's also a Saturday night.

Also, who do you have to blow to get Hitchcock's Notorious on DVD. Seriously! It's worse than when Disney puts movies in the "vault." At least those make an appearance every 10 years, or so (and I already own most of them anyhow).

Notorious was released by Criterion in Fall 2001, but must have only been on shelves for a couple years because I've been looking for it to purchase since Fall 2003.


[EDIT: BWAHAHA! Unlike Spellbound and Rebecca (two other Hitchcock films that were released by Criterion and are similarly out of print), Notorious is still available to rent on Netflix. So it has been moved to the top of my queue and I will illegally make a copy of it to tide me over until it is rereleased and I can purchase it legally (assuming that ever happens).]

Also, I'm using the term "films noirs" (as a plural of film noir) in my paper and I feel a little pretentious. But it's all okay, because I know that I'm grammatically correct in French. Because films noir would just be wrong and film noirs is just idiotic. So films noirs is it.

**Liar because I said I wasn't going to post anymore tonight.
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