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Just for fun...

My TiVo Season Passes (in order):
- Grey's Anatomy
- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
- Project Runway
- American Idol
- Desperate Housewives
- House, M.D.
- Bones
- Brothers & Sisters
- How I Met Your Mother
- Psych
- My Boys
- The Class
- The New Adventures of Old Christine
- The Office
- Scrubs
- Family Guy
- Standoff
- Numb3rs
- The Ellen Degeneres Show
- The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
- The Colbert Report
- Ace of Cakes
- Sunday Morning Shootout
- Mythbusters
- NewsRadio (reruns, of course)
- The Riches

And y'all wonder why I never get work done. There's always something to watch!

And in my defense, there are a bunch of those shows that aren't even on currently (like Project Runway, Psych, The Class, and My Boys).

Which reminds me...what the hell is with all the reruns lately? When's the last time you saw a new CSI?**

**Actually, I looked it up. February 22nd. And the next new one? March 29th. 5 weeks? Seriously!?
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