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What about now? What about today? What if you're making me all that I was meant to be...?

I love getting the Disney Insider (an email newsletter) 'cause it informs me of totally awesome things.

I love Disney. I always have. I always will. I own just about every major feature-length animated Disney film there is (on Tuesday, Peter Pan was added to the collection as it emerged from the Disney vault).

So anyway...the Insider had a link to the Disney website's new "DXD" beta player. Which is SUPER sweet. It has a ton of behind the scenes (uh, I mean, behind the "ears") video clips. I watched one where the major cast and crew talked about the props and baubles that make Captain Jack awesome (you can find it here) and from there, surfed around and found Joey Fatone taking us on a quick tour of the kick off to Disney's Year of a Million Dreams (in which I found out that the Imaginears are working on a new ride that sounds similar to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, but featuring all the Toy Story characters in a Woody-ish thought? It'll go into the empty space at MGM Studios where "Al's Toy Barn" sits). There's a cool Space Mountain clip with talks about how they pitched the idea to sponsors and it shows some of the original sketches, which are amazingly cool. Next up, I'll be watching a video clip on Annie Leibovitz's photographs for the new Disney campaign which features celebrities in the roles of famous Disney characters (they are some sweet promos if you haven't seen them can probably find them in the most recent issue of Vanity Fair or Vogue).

There's a bunch of cool littler stuff too. If you've got an hour to waste and love Disney, I'd suggest surfing around.

[Just a note, open up the side drawer (the thing with three arrows on it) on the video window and it will show you the upcoming clips (if there are any) for the section you're in...the videos will run right into the next, continuously.]
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