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  • Mood: here's a reminder to y'all (I don't need to remember...I have a TiVo).

Anywho...Eddie Izzard's new series, "The Riches," premieres Monday on FX at 10pm (either EST or EDT...I'm never sure which is considered "daylight saving time" and which is "standard time"...either way, it's East Coast time).*

So yes. Eddie Izzard. In a TV series. That's WEEKLY, yo! And makes me feel a little better about losing "Psych" and "The Class" both in one week (no, I'm not over it yet).

It's getting good buzz so far.


Oh, and there's a keg in the pool. I see it out my window. I don't know why, but it just made a really big splash.

Ooo...a guy just fished it out and it appears empty. It's entirely possible he threw it off his balcony into the pool so he wouldn't have to carry it down the stairs. Whoever said college students don't use their brains?

*I looked it up and March-November is EDT and November-March is EST. So summer = daylight saving. $10 I don't remember that the next time this comes up...
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