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Come over here, lady, let me wipe your tears away...

So when I first watched "Brothers & Sisters" back in the fall, I wasn't a big fan. Callista Flockhart has bad teeth and it was distracting, I still hated Balthazar Getty from his time on "Alias," and Rachel Griffiths had never wow'ed me, and I felt very ambivalent.

However, since I've gotten more into it, it's become one of my favorite shows. Rachel Griffiths was fabulous in tonight's episode and while I hate Holly with a passion, the illegitimate sister storyline is starting to grow on me. As is the half-sister, played wonderfully by Emily VanCamp of "Everwood" fame.

Plus...Rob Lowe! Even if he's only in every episode for 2 minutes, it makes the other 41 completely worth it. And Jason Lewis (of former "Sex and the City" fame) makes me swoon. That is one hunk of man. (An "Absolut hunk,' no less! Hahahaha...I'm witty with my "Sex and the City" humor.)

Oh, and I spent 4 hours in the library today, tracking down books and deciding if they would be useful or not. I already had a list of books and where they were located before I went in. Theoretically, it was just picking them off the shelf and moving on to the next one. Anyone know why this process takes so damn long?

After 4 hours, however, I left with 12 (yes, TWELVE) books for my three papers. The girl at the circulation desk was like "whoa." The rest of my research will be online, probably using JSTOR. JSTOR is totally my favorite. I use it all the time, for just about everything. I already have 17 articles saved at pdfs on my desktop. And those don't weigh 25 pounds like my backpack did after the library (and yes, I totally put that bitch on my scale. It was HEAVY!)

So anyway. I got a lot of researching started (though I have yet to actually read anything and I'm really not looking forward to that's harder than just finding the stupid books! And I rewarded myself with Panera for dinner and some yummy TV watching ("Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters"). Now, it's time for "Psych" and let me tell you...I'm psyched!!!

(Oh god, I think the library fumes have started to deteriorate my brain...)
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