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So busy...

Okay, this has to be quick because I'm hungry (haven't eaten in over 24 hours...I'm smart, I swear) and I have to start homework.

Just came back from my Choral concert. We kinda screwed up the song, but it's okay. We had a sing-along ending of God Bless America and it sounded incredible. Literally made me get flushed near the end. Wow.

Had play practice until after 6, and I was getting picked up for the concert at 6:30. By the time I got home, I had 15 minutes to do make-up, hair, put on pantyhose, find chorus shoes, wait for Caitlin to come and bring the skirt I borrowed from her, put on shoes and leave. *sigh* Hectic.

Now, I need food. Sooooo hungry. And I have a bunch of homework, so I should really get started. Bu-bye now.

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